I’m here! Day 4

Hi everyone reading this!

Day 4 in England and I’m finally writing for this thing! I’m exhausted and have little to no energy so hopefully this works out better than me trying to navigate the London Heathrow Airport (we need to remember that pressing buttons on the “lifts” is essential in order to achieve a floor-change).

So…I’m here! It’s been a crazy week, with orientation and everything, but it feels like I’ve already been here for so long. My house is really cool and I’ve met some awesome people! The city itself is really beautiful, with cobblestone streets and old-fashioned buildings, complete with a centuries-old Abbey and the Roman baths. The people here are pretty beautiful as well– never have I seen so many well-dressed people in my entire life.


The city! 2-3-14

The city streets

The city streets

Adjusting to being here and everything has been a little easier with all of the stuff we’ve been doing, including tours of the city and tests that give our tutors (that’s what they’re called here) a sense of what we know about the subjects we’re taking. I miss home and all of you lovely people but hopefully I’ll have some cool stories to tell you when I get back to the States!

One of my favorite things I’ve gotten to do so far is take a tour of the Abbey with a group of other students. There was a reception for us before where we got to talk to the guides and they gave us desserts and biscuits (English word for cookies- clearly an important one for me to know). The Abbey is so old and beautiful, with monuments on the walls in memoriam of people who lived hundreds of years ago.

The Abbey

The Abbey 2-5-14


The Abbey

One of my favorite memorials represented a husband and wife’s life and was engraved with a phrase reading, “Their love was disinterested.” As unromantic as that sounds, it’s actually one of the most romantic statements anyone could possibly have on their monument at Bath Abbey (or anywhere else, for that matter). “Disinterested” in this case means that they loved each other so much that they weren’t interested in much else of the world outside of focusing on the other. It’s so cool how words can change meaning and represent so much to people. Sounds like a nice idea for a rom-com. I’ll have my people call Colin Firth’s people.



Shopping and cooking my own food is pretty hilarious, considering I have no idea how to be an adult. But I guess that will come eventually, accompanied by a lot of questions to the stock guys along the lines of “Do you have peanut butter?” Side note: Will you realize when you’ve eaten pasta for one too many meals?

I’ll post some more pictures on Facebook! I apologize for the state of my pictures and my lack of photo-taking skills. I’ll hopefully be taking a photo class at the British university to learn just how that contraption called a camera operates.

The restaurants and pubs here are really cool, and my favorite drink I’ve tried so far has been the cider. Luckily, it’s legal here (and expensive-woo!).

First cider in England

First cider in England

Hopefully I’ll be able to write on this blog a lot, but I’ll be posting lots of stuff on Instagram and Twitter (apologies for the amount of tweets I solely think are funny).

One of my goals for the months I’ll be here is to try every coffee shop in the city. The city itself isn’t too big and at the rate I’m going I should be able to achieve that goal twice…or three times.

Though it does seems as if most of my time will be occupied by the contents of the following picture, my reading list for the semester:

Reading list for this semester

Reading list for this semester

Pictures to come!

Thanks for reading! :o)


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