Reading, Coffee, and More Reading

Hi everyone! I’ve been super busy with classes and reading and more reading so I’m finally getting to update this!

So everything here is going well! Classes have started and all of my tutors are really smart and friendly. Though the reading is really time-consuming, it is really interesting and mostly entertaining to read. The classes I’m taking all involve really awesome literature, so I can’t really complain.

I’m also taking a media course, which I really love. Work on the syllabus includes comparing the U.S. Office and the original U.K. Office, as well as watching Notting Hill. If you know my rom-com preferences (which you may because it is one of my favorite topics for both writing and speaking), you may know that Notting Hill is not on the top of my list (or rather not-ting on the top of my list–lol). But complaining about watching a rom-com for class just seems wrong. Plus Hugh Grant is in it.

Some interesting things I’ve done this past week have been Galentines Day with my housemates (Feb. 13th compliments of one of the greatest characters of all time, Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec), joining a gym (I joined both willingly and surprisingly), and going to a Motown night at a local club, which basically involved a lot of me-at-a-sweet-16-or-bat-mitzvah dancing, a.k.a me-dancing-at-any-time dancing, and some really good music. I also went with a housemate to a Shabbat dinner at the university which was really fun. I got to meet a lot of cool people and made some friends!

Cooking update: if anyone was wondering if oily is a consistency for food, I have indeed managed to achieve that feat. Needless to say, that dish went in the garbage after a motivated, but very trying, attempt at eating it.

I am learning a thing or two about cooking, at least. The main thing I’ve learned is that instant rice can be, and will be, your best friend. As well as instant coffee if you’re feeling particularly frugal that day. Basically anything instant = instant friend (lol).

Other than that, I drink lots of coffee and I’ve pretty much been reading all of the time. It’s kind of inspired me to change the word “win” in that song “All I Do is Win” to “read.” I realize how nerdy that sounds, but I previously used to sing it as “All I Do is Eat,” so take it or leave it.

I’ve also managed to walk around the city a little bit, as we’ve had a tiny bit of sun and not so much rain lately! Here are some pictures:






I’ve been making a lot of traveling plans and trying to fill up weekends with cool trips, so hopefully there is some exciting stuff to come! Definitely everything Harry Potter will be accomplished, though I will probably have seeing-Andy Samberg-at-SNL-level reactions to seeing all of the cool stuff about the books and movies.

And if you haven’t seen how I feel after I start making travel plans, here is a picture of Liz Lemon to show you:


That’s it for now! Thanks for reading :0) !


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