The Daily Telegraph and BBC in London (and some other stuff)!

Hi! So this isn’t just going to be a blog post about the two places in the title, but as they were my favorite places I’ve gone to so far I felt they deserved the title spot!

I haven’t written in a while, so this post is going to span a good amount of time! Sorry for the delay in postings, but I’ve basically been reading The Lord of the Rings for the amount of time that it seems they are walking in those books/movies. Even though they took forever to read, I really liked them! Aside from the fact that it is just a whole lot of walking, the books are pretty awesome. Plus, the hobbits enjoy a good second breakfast now and then, which I can relate to.

I have to read the third one for next week, so no spoilers please! It will make enduring all of that walking (readingly-speaking- I just made that up) even worse. But I do enjoy basically everything the cool sidekick guy Sam does, so I’ll make it through the third.

Anyway, I have done other things besides read The Lord of the Rings, like I’ve read some Sherlock Holmes and some lovely gothic fiction involving damsels in distress locked in scary towers. But I’ll spare you the synopsis of those, as I promise I do things besides read. (But one quick thing: Who knew that Dr. House was based on Sherlock Holmes? I very publicly learned that fact in class the other day, as well as learned that it is a fact that is generally known, at least to the members of that class. But if you didn’t know, you’re not alone, as I had absolutely no idea of the comparison. Home/House, Dr. Watson/Wilson? Weird, right?).

Now that you’ve had enough of my summaries of reading (it’s taking over my life), I can talk about some awesome places that I’ve been able to visit while I’ve been here!

We went on a trip to the Cotswolds, a beautiful part of the English countryside. We first got to go up a tall castle tower, which was strangely reminiscent of the first episode of Game of Thrones. My knowledge of that show is extremely limited, but I will spare you the discussion if I ever attempt to read the books Lord of the Rings-style. The tower was called the Broadway Tower and it is Cotswold’s highest tower.

Broadway Tower

Broadway Tower


View from the top of Broadway Tower

We then took about a two-mile hike up and down hills and through some nice mud and puddles that I very maturely insisted on jumping in (I was wearing Wellies!- there’s some English slang for you). The views were amazing and I actually enjoyed hiking, which is a phrase I never thought I would use. The idea of an extended period of physical exercise never seemed appealing to me (I respect you, marathon runners), but this hike was really cool and I’d definitely do another!


Hike path

My Wellies and I

My Wellies and I

My favorite view from the hike

My favorite view from the hike

Sheep were everywhere...they even ran across our path!

Sheep were everywhere…they even ran across our path! (don’t judge them based on their menacing look, they did wait till we passed to sprint across the grass- yeah sheep sprint- cool band name)

After the hike, we explored the pretty town of Broadway for a little while, and then went to another town by the water to finally eat some fish and chips! They were the best fish and chips I’ve ever had, though my heart still goes out to that fried fish sandwich I ate at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurant (try it before you judge). This village was really pretty, with matching old-fashioned-looking buildings and a lot of shops and tiny restaurants.


Fish and chips served with mushy peas

We then went to the Painswick Rococo Garden, which was incredible. This is probably just the amount of books I’ve had to read in the past few weeks, but it reminded me of what I think Narnia would look like. We explored around there for a little while, climbing up paths and going into parts of castles with a view of the snowdrop flowers growing on the hills. We also made a wish at the pond (because there is a two pence coin I decided that the two pence coin entitles you to two wishes) and made our way through a maze, complete, of course, with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire-style references. 


My favorite castle- aka my new home

Rococo Garden

Rococo Garden

View from one of the paths at the Rococo Garden

View from one of the paths at the Rococo Garden

Took a selfie with Shakespeare here

Took a selfie with Shakespeare here

We then had cake and tea, which I obviously felt the need to make as coffee-like as possible, as evidenced by my choice of cake (a coffee-flavored one). I am liking tea more than I did at home, but coffee (that’s the end of that sentence; even though it’s an incomplete phrase, it just works).


Coffee-flavored cake & tea

So I realize that this post is super-long and I haven’t even written about the places that are in the title of the post. If you’re still reading, thanks and I apologize for the Lord of the Rings-type length of this blog post (and I apologize for yet another reference to that- they’ve seriously taken over my brain).

The following two trips were the coolest. We went on a trip to The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper, and to the BBC headquarters. The Telegraph office was amazing and looked just as I had pictured it (with help from the HBO show The Newsroom). I also saw someone who looked just like Jim Harper in their newsroom, so that was pretty awesome. It made me want to work in media that much more and I can’t wait till I get a sweet desk like the ones behind me in this picture!


Standing in front of The Telegraph newsroom at work

The BBC was the next place we stopped, which was also so cool. I’m using that adjective a lot, but the day was SO COOL. Being in London in general was amazing, but then going to these places just made it extremely cool (there it is again!). We got a tour of the BBC and I even got to be an anchorwoman (though they call them broadcast journalists in England). It was a lot of fun, though the timing of the reading off of the teleprompter is pretty difficult. Luckily no one put a question mark on the prompter, ’cause anything you put on that prompter, I will read (as you can see, a lot of Anchorman jokes were made at the time).


BBC headquarters

So basically, it was one of the coolest days ever (had to throw in that adjective one more time).

If you’ve stuck with me this whole way, thank you and I owe you a crispy m&m, which I actually ended up finding in a rest stop on the way back from London! You can’t get them in the U.S. anymore, as far as I know, and here is my face when I finally got to eat one after four years of being deprived of their wonderfulness:

Crispy m&ms

Thanks for reading :o)


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